My intention here is to provide in as few words as possible what a book appraisal entails and what I need from you, the client if you are interested in having your collection of veterinary (or other) books appraised.

Simply defined, an appraisal is an opinion of value  of a specific piece of  real property, as of a specific point in time.

I am a book appraiser. I have 30 years of experience in the book business. My opinion of value is based upon my experience and research.

A client sends me a list of books and images. I examine this material, perform the necessary research to establish a supportable opinion of value, write up and sign the appraisal.  Once the appraisal is paid for I complete the work and mail the signed appraisal (and appropriate tax forms if applicable) to the client.

I need the following from the client:

                             List of books:  Author, title, place & date of publication.
                             Digital or conventional images of the books.
                             Payment for the appraisal.

Not sure if you need an appraisal of your books.

                              Send me a list of the books by email or postal mail.
                              I will look over the list and provide you with a rough
                              estimate of value along with what my fee will be to
                              perform the appraisal for you.

Reasons why you might want or need a professional book appraisal:

       >Donation and tax credit.

       > Insurance claim.

       > Probate


       > Sale or purchase.

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