The New England Farrier, or Farmers' Receipt Book.   Publisher: Boston: Charles Gaylord, 1835.. 214 pp. Rebound. A selection of valuable receipts for the cure of diseases in Horse, Cattle, Sheep & Swine with directions to farmers for choosing good stock.- also, a variety of agricultural and miscellaneous receipts." Quarter Leather with  Marbled Boards. Small format.  5 x 7".                                                            $165.00.

Armatage, George.          Every Man His Own Horse Doctor in Which is Embodied BLAINE'S VETERINARY ART, with Numerous Recipes, Steel Plates, and Upwards of Three Hundred Practical, Anatomomical, and Surgical Illustrations Frederick Warne, London, 1892. Original Quarter Calf, Cloth. Book Condition: Very Good. Some fade to spine. Generally good.                                                  $275.00.

Barnum, H.L. The American Farrier. Self Published, Philadelphia, 1832.First Edition. Browning to text. Some dampwrinkling. . "A Minute Account Of The Formation Of Every Part Of The Horse From The Extremitiy Of The Head To The Head." With illustrations. Scarce.                                                    $650.00.

Bracken,  Dr Henry.The Practical Farrier. Bound with The Gentlemans Pocket-Farrier
Society  of Country Gentlemen. T Longman and T Astley, London, 1737. Full-Leather. Book Condition: Very Good. Fourth Edition. 16mo - over 5¾" - 6¾" tall. or Full Instructions for Country Gentlemen, farmers, garziers, farriers, carriers, sportsmen etc containing rules for breeding and training up of colts. With upwards of two hundred practical receipts, for the cure of all common distempers to horses, oxen, cows, calves, sheep, lamb hogs and dogs. In full brown leather covers. Somewhat worn with a few small stains. . 96 pp.
    BOUND WITH The Gentleman's Pocket-Farrier with large additions and remarks by Dr Henry Bracken of Lancaster. Third edition London by J Clarke. 78pp.  Overall in good condition.                            $1,200.00.

    Photograph of Bracken below.

Brown, Thomas.The Complete Modern Farrier. Edinburgh John Grant, Publisher 1898., With color plates by Archibald Hodder, veterinary artist. comprehensive treatise on the care and treatment of horses, cattle, sheep and dogs, as well as the shoeing of horses. The chapters on horses occupy the first 463 pages of the 732 page of the book. Overall very good condition. Scarce.                                   $450.00.

Chawner, Robert. Diseases of the Horse and How To Treat Them. William Wood and Company, New York, New York, 1883. Very Good. 332 pp. With a color plate.                                                   $150.00

Clarendon, Thomas.         An Examination into the true seat and extent of the Powers of the Horse, with a view to their most advantageous application in Draught and Burthen; in which most of the organic diseases treated by the veterinary are shown to be the consequences of defective Balance. With the means of preventing and removing the same, by an improved System of Training, and of preserving the powers of the trained animal in their most efficient state, by proper Methods of Driving and Horsemanship. Dublin: Hodges and Smith, 1843., 1843. First Edition, half-title, 3 illustrations in the text, 64 pp. Bound in original cloth with some typical wear.                                                                                           $600.00.                                                                                                    
Clater, Francis.    Everyman his Own Farrier: or, The Whole Art of Farriery Laid Open.   Publisher: London: B. Crosby and Co., 1813 Rebound in leather with original boards and contemporary endpapers.. "Containing a distinct and accurate view of the causes, symptoms, and most approved methods of cure, for every disease to which the horse is liable. Re-written, corrected, and greatly enlarged. In which are incorporated upwards of one hundred original recipes, never before published. Nice condition.    $325.00.

Crane, W.J.     The Smithy and Forge a Rudimentary Treatise Including Instructions in the Farrier's Art with a Chapter on Coach Smithing. Crosby Lockwood, London, 1885. Cloth.  Second Edition Revised with Additions.195p. Illustrated.  Rebound with original cover laid on.  Very good condition.$250.00

Franklin, Augustus. The American Farrier: Adapted For The Convenience Of The Farmer.Gentlemen.And Smith; Being A Sure Guide To Prevent And Cure All MaladiesAnd Distempers That Are Incident To Horses.And Also, For The Diseases Incident To Cattle. Bound in full calf. Fairly worn. First edition.$550.00

Goubaux, Armand; Barrier, Gustave; Translated By Simon J.J. Harger, V.M.D.The Exterior of the Horse.
  J.B. Lippincott, PA, 1892. Cloth. Book Condition: Very Good.Second Edition. 916pp.
    Contents include.  Preliminary ideas of animal mechanics/ Study of the regions, the head, the body, the members. Proportions, The Horse in relation to Locomotion, Attitudes and Movements upon place, Mode of progression, or the gaits of the horse, defects in the gaits, Age of the horse, Determination of Age, Irregularities of dental apparatus, Considerations relative to the description and identification of the horse. The Coat, Peculiarities, Height, Certificat of Description. The aptitudes or the services, Race-Horses, Horses of Luxury, Cavalry Horses, Horses of Industry and Commerce. Vicious Horses, Whims and Vicious Habits, Vices properly so called, Choice of the horse.                                                                     $565.00.

Gibson, William.   The Farrier's Dispensatory in Three Parts. Containing FIRST A Description of the Medicinal Simples commonly made use of in the Diseases of Horses with Their Virtues and Manner of Operation, [...] SECONDLY, The Preparation..   Publisher: London: J. Osborn and T. Longman, 1729.. Third edition. Bound in boards. Fairly worn. Front cover detached. Fair condition.  Third edition of this important and early contribution to veterinary medicine. Very scarce.                                              $550.00.

Gibson, William.  1721 edition of the previous title.  Later binding.                                                  $600.00.

Hunting, William.  The Art of Horse-Shoeing A Manual for Farriers. William R. Jenkins, New York, 1898. Hard Cover. 129 pages with nearly one hundred illustrations. Very good condition.                        $275.00.

Heard, J.M.       Breeding, Training, Management and Diseases of the Horse and Other Domestic Animals. J.M. Heard, NY, 1893. Clothbound. (rebound). First American Edition. 219 pp. With 95 illustrations. Good overall condition.                                                                                                $235.00.

Kirby, F.O.   Diseases and Injuries of the Horse.William Wood, NY, 1883. Hard Cover. Book Condition: Near Fine. 332 pp., 4 color plates, 168 wood engravings.                                                              $135.00.

Lawrence, Richard.The COMPLETE FARRIER And BRITISH SPORTSMAN: Containing a Systematic Enquiry into the Structure and Animal Economy of the Horse, the Causes, Syptoms, and Most-Approved Methods of Prevention and Cure for Every Disease to Which He is Liable: A Detection and Exposure of the Erroneous and Bad Methods of treatment generally adopted; with numerous approved and original recipes for various diseases. The whole rendered easy and familiar, with a view to general utility, and founded on the latest discoveries and experimental facts, to which the progress of improvement for the last twenty years in the veterinary art has led, interspersed with sporting anecdotes, and an account of the most celebrated horses, &c. &c. Equally important and interesting to...
     W. Lewis and Co.,, London:, 1816. 8 X 12" Format. 1st edition. 512 pp.. Frontis + 12 inserted engraved plates. Binding not original but faithful to the period.  Overall quite good.                                    $1,450.00.

Lawson, A   The Modern Farrier, or The Best Mode of Preserving the Health and Curing the Disorders of Domestic Animals with Practical Instruction to Sportsmen   Publisher: Newcastle Mackenzie & Dent 1820 Overall good condition. Some wear.  leather splitting to spine ends. 616pp                                     $260.00.

Liautard, A.   Lameness of Horses and Diseases of the Locomotory Apparatus. William R. Jenkins, Veterinary publisher & Bookseller, New York, 1888. 113pp.                                                             $95.00.

Sloan, Walter B.Sloan's Complete Farrier and Cattle Doctor. Walker and Taylor, Chicago, 1869. This guide for farmers and ranchers contains "full and complete directions for choosing, breeding, rearing and general management of horses, cattle, sheep, swine, and poultry. With detailed description of their different breeds, together with a full and accurate account of all the diseases to which they are subjected, and the causes, symptoms; and the most approved remedies for the same." . 319 pages. Recently rebound in leather. 5th edition. 369pp. Very good.                                                                          $575.00.

Pasahro, C.F. M.D. V.S.  The Diseases of Horses and the Most Efficient Remedies; Including Anatomical and Physiological Explanations. Atchison, KS: Haskell and Son, 1884.                          $125.00.

Page, C.E.        Horses: Their Feed and Their Feet. a Manual of Horse Hygiene, Invaluable for the Veteran or the Novice; Pointing Out the True Source of "Malaria," "Disease Waves," Influenza, Glanders, "Pink-eye" Etc., And How to Prevent and Counteract Them. New York, c 1883. Fowler & Wells, 171 pages. With some illusstrations                                                                                                                   $145.00.                                                                                                                           
Rupp, Daniel.         The Farmer's Complete Farrier,The Horse; giving instructions in all things that relate to him. Gilbert Hills, Lancaster, Penn, 1842. First edition. Descriptions of plants and medicines. Bound in leather which is chipped at extremities. Browning to text.                                                                $285.00.

Schermerhorn, R. J.         Horse's Friend, The: A Manual for Training the Horse and Keeping Him Healthy.
  Mount Morris, Illinois: Brethren's Publishing Company, 1893,28 black-and-white full-plate illustrations by
  A. F. Moore, Jr. 128pp.                                                                                                                 $285.00.

Solleysel (Jacques de).       The compleat (sic) horseman: or, perfect farrier. In two parts . Written in French by the Sieur de Solleysell . Abridged from the folio done into English by Sir William Hope. With the addition of several excellent receipts, by our best farriers: and directions to the buyers and sellers of horses.
      Printed for H. Bonwicke [et al.] , 1702. folding engraved additional title-page and 6 plates (5 folding),
      376pp. Bound in original calf. Some professional repaires to extremities.  Overall good, sound 
      condition.                                                                                                                                   $1650.00.

Taplin, William.         The Gentleman's Stable Directory; or, Modern System of Farriery. Comprehending All the most valuable Prescriptions and approved Remedies.[for] every known disease to which the horse is incident. To which is now added, A Supplement, containing Practical Observations upon Thorn Wounds, Punctured Tendons, and Ligament Lameness. With ample Instructions for the Treatment and Cure. With a successful Method of Treating the Canine Species, In that destructive Disease called The Distemper. The Eleventh Edition   London: Printed for G. G. J. & J. Robinson., , 1793., 1791. 2 volumes. , 519pp. & 417pp.  Bound in leather. (later binding).  very good condition.                                     $850.00.

Wallis, William.  The Western Gentleman's Farrier, Containing Remedies for the Different Diseases to Which Horses Are Incident in the al. Troy, Oh 1838., Bound in original calf. This is among the first husbandry books designed for farmers in the now American west. One page torn. Scarce.     $500.00.

White, James. A Compendium Of The Veterinary Art. ; Containing an Accurate Description of All the Diseases to Which the Horse is Liable, Their Symptoms and Treatment; the Anatomy and Physiology of the Horse's Foot. Observations on the Principles and Practice of Shoeing, on Feeding and Exercise, the Stable, &c. Printed by W. Bristow, for J. Badcock,, Canterbury:, 1802. Illustrated with 15 copperplate engravings, 4 color. Bound in period leather binding, probably an early rebind. 220pp. Moderate wear, typical for the age of the book.                                                                                                       $1,450.00.

White, James. The Anatomy and Physiology of The Horse's Foot, concisely described; with Practical Observations on Shoeing; together with The Symptoms of, and most approved Remedies for, The Diseases of Horses. With Fourteen Illustrative Plates.London. Printed for T. Chapman. 1801., 1801.160pp. Small format book (approx 4 x 6"). With all 14 plates. Unusually nice condition. Original binding.  $750.00.

Zundel, A., Translated By A. Liautard. The Horse's Foot and its Diseases. William R. Jenkins, New York, 1883. Hard Cover. 167pp. Illustrated.                                                                                             $125.00


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